Where To Download Books For Free

Reading books is one of the best ways to gain knowledge and spend your free time. As the prices of books are

Reading books is one of the best ways to gain knowledge and spend your free time. As the prices of books are rising, people nowadays look for an alternative source of information, i.e., e-books.

The Internet provides a vast collection of books that can be easily read; some are paid, while some are free to read and download. Several websites and apps offer e-books. If you want to download books for free, then check out the content below and download the books you want.


Many books are known for their vast collection of free books, which can be downloaded in any format. The books available on this site are free and arranged in different genres. The primary reason to choose this site is that it provides books of every category, including the classics. The books can be downloaded directly from the website or other plugged-in sites. You can sign up on this site and choose your favorite format of books.

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The Literature Network

It is an online library that provides a variety of books. The books are arranged in alphabetical order by the name of the author. You can scroll down the books of an author by just licking on his/her name. A small biography with related links and articles will open along with the list of books. You can download the books you'd like for free. However, you may have to pay a small fee for some books. The books are presented with the author's name, so it is easy to search for them.

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Authorama provides a good collection of free books. All the books available on the website are alphabetically arranged by the author's name. HTML and XHTML formats are used to write books, making them easier to read. The books are free to download, and most of them are in English. However, there are some books written in German too. The books featured in the library are from different genres and a variety of authors. Reading and downloading books from the site is legal and freely accessible.

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International Digital Children’s Library

If you are looking for free books for children, then the International Digital Children’s Library is the best website. This website specializes in books for kids. The interface is simple, and the books are arranged according to age, genre, etc. This is the best place to find books for your little ones.

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If you are a book lover, these are the websites you should make sure to visit. Many books are available for download; the best part is that they are free. There is something for everyone’s taste, so go and pick something that suits your reading taste.