Where Can I Print Something? Here Are Some Printing On The Go Options To Consider

Your office is closed, you are working from home, and you don’t have a printer, but you need to print

Your office is closed, you are working from home, and you don’t have a printer, but you need to print something as soon as possible. We have all been there. And while this may seem stressful, it doesn’t have to be, and it definitely won’t be when you realize how many printing on-the-go options you have.

Print Shops

If you need to print something and at the same time want to support a local business, find a print shop nearby. Remember that some of these shops are strictly reserved for big orders, so you may call them to make sure they are willing to print your documents. To find a print shop nearby, turn to Google for assistance. Just type print shops nearby or print shops and your ZIP code.


Public libraries offer printing services, and the prices are usually the lowest. If a library is open nearby, make a quick stop and print the documents. If you have something more complex to print, this might not be a perfect option because libraries are best for basic black-and-white printing.

Office Supply Stores

Office supply stores are the first place you will go if you need some new furniture for your office or papers, pens, or staples. But, if there is an office supply store nearby, make sure to stop by because many of these stores also offer printing services.


If you live in an area with a hotel nearby, you should visit it and see if they offer public printing services. Even if they don’t and you need to print a single page, the friendly staff may help you print the document, especially if nothing else is working and you are in a hurry. Give it a shot!

Shipping Stores

Another option worth checking is a shipping store like UPS or FedEx, as these stores often provide computers and printers that customers can use. It is all in the form of self-service, meaning you will finish the task in minutes.

These are some options to consider when you need to print something, your office is closed, or your printer is not working. In addition, for those who are not in a hurry, there are online printing services such as Best Value Copy.