What Is Fixd?

Throughout the past decade, we’ve witnessed the release of some of the most advanced inventions in technology.

Throughout the past decade, we’ve witnessed the release of some of the most advanced inventions in technology. One of such inventions being a system alert diagnostic tool known as Fixd that is designed to give real-time health status of your car. This tool spares you from worrying about stuff like the state of your engine oil or how worn out your tires are.

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How does it work?

Like most car monitors Fixd is an OBD (Onboard Diagnostics) scan tool that works by being plugged into the OBD2 port of your vehicle. After being plugged in the sensor collects all kinds of data about your vehicle. Starting with complex ones like reading engine codes to basic readings like the amount of pressure available in your tire.  The OBD2 port is located beneath the steering wheel in most vehicles; if you don’t find it there search other areas below the dashboard.

Vehicle Compatibility

Fixd is compatible with any vehicle that runs on gas provided that the car was manufactured not earlier than 1996. It can also be supported by diesel vehicles designed from 2008 to the present time. Unfortunately, Fixd is not supported by electric vehicles due to the system design that the vehicles have. The developers don’t want you to stress yourself out when it comes to knowing whether your car is compatible with their device or not. It is for this reason that they came up with the compatibility chart which is available on their website. To check your vehicle compatibility click on this link.

Fixd Sensor

This is the device that The Fixd technology uses to tap data from the system of your car. The sensor has access to about 6,800 diagnostic tools so with this you can know everything that is wrong with your car. The good thing about these sensors is that they don’t rely on the battery in your car. They generate their own power so you won’t have to worry about your battery being used up.

These sensors are very important because with them you will get diagnostic reports that are detailed. The sensor can break down complex engine codes to a language that you can understand so in real sense it’ll almost be like talking to your engine.

The company has sold over 1 million sensors since this technology was introduced. To get a Fixd sensor you can make an order by visiting the official Fixd website.

Fixd App

The Fixd app works hand in hand with the sensor. It acts as the platform from which you can read the deciphered codes coming from the sensor. The app has a very nice UI (user interface) and is easy to use. At the centre, there is a scan button that you can use to perform a general scan of the entire car system. All communications between the sensor and the app take place through Bluetooth connections. In order for you to access the information stored in the sensor, you must pair the two devices.

The app also gives you access to multiple sensors. This can be helpful especially if you are a family person who has several cars. You can know the status of all the cars each family member is driving by using a single account. The app reminds you when to carry out maintenance and also keeps maintenance records. Through it, you will be able to view your car’s entire maintenance history.

Unlike the old days when the engine light could just light up without displaying a specific engine malfunction, the Fixd app will give you detailed information. You will be able to know which section of the engine needs servicing and what is the estimated servicing cost.

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