What Is Dogpile?

Search engines can fetch everything which means everything, so when a bit of AI intelligence is required, the

Search engines can fetch everything which means everything, so when a bit of AI intelligence is required, the Dogpile serves all your needs. As far as it has been tested, it does not sway around in every direction, letting you save time while surfing the internet. There are suggestions added on the right side of the screen that could precise the results, making it easier to reach the desired site. Ahead of that, it is a metasearch engine which means that it extracts the results from the other search engines, based on the meta-description. It extracts 50% of more result from the websites directly, compared with the result collected from the search engines. Further, we have collected the features of this search engine and how they could serve your search query.

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Starting with the homepage, it is pretty simple, with a nice collection of colors and the Arfie the dog sitting with a ball in its mouth. Arfie is actually a cartoon character that Dogpile has used to be more distinctive. Like the other search engines, the search bar is center-aligned, but it is nearly on the top of the page. On top of the search bar are the textual tabs named as web, images, videos, news, with the web being the default selection.

what is dogpile

Search results appear in the center of the page with the links to the recent searches, usually first 13. On the left are the same textual tabs like on the home page, but aligned in the vertical navigation list. On the right, there is a helpful option name “Are you looking for?” with which you can make the search quest easier as it could narrow down the search parameter by clicking on one of the options offered.

Once a search is made, it runs the algorithm in the stated fashion that the results are extracted based on meta-description from other search engines. Ahead of that, the top results are the links like in the other search engines with the suggestions at the end of the page as well. The other search features include images, videos, and news.

The image search brings the thumbnails of varied sizes. If the image is clicked it would open it up enlarged in another tab. If the link beneath the thumbnail is clicked, it would open up the source site. The photos are mainly extracted from Google and Yahoo!. Most of the video results are commonly coming in from YouTube and it depends on the region from where the search is made. Like sports, search merged the results of ESPN and YouTube. While a clothing search took it over to Yahoo!.

News is arranged in the way that the latest one is on the top while the results are brought in as per the region. Generally, the news is fetched from Fox, ABC and a few more like Topix. But if the news for the region from where the search is made is not on any of these, the parameter is extended to the local channels of that region or to the Google and Yahoo! News.


The preferences for the safe search and Recent Searches could be set. The safe search (“None” option) could be turned off by setting it to Moderate or Heavy that allows all the explicit content. The Recent Searches option is displayed on the left where the last 15 searches are available if you want to visit them again. That could be either turned on or off. Further, if you wish to have the search results appear in a new tab, you may check the Open Links in New Window. And if you want everything to go back to default, click Restore to Default Settings.

Note that these features might be changed in the future depending on the updates made in this search engine.