How To Share Your Location On Viber

If you are looking for a really time-saving feature, to minimize the hassles of the user to be opening something

If you are looking for a really time-saving feature, to minimize the hassles of the user to be opening something like a Google map and then pin it, then Viber has it for you to show up the exact location to the receiver. Unwittingly, sometimes we share our location with the friends we chat using messaging platforms. Using the toggle button change the settings to not to disclose your location now.

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Ways to share location on Viber

To share the location with the people you are chatting through the chat window, while you are using messaging apps like Viber, you got to enable the sharing first of. It is possible to explicitly send the sharing location from any map.

  • See the phone inside the chat box of your Viber app
  • Tap on that
  • Launch it
  • Once you start a chat session just tap of the chat username
  • The corresponding chat window will appear
  • It is when you can use the share location on Viber feature as well.

Enabling sharing

When you are interested in making the person know exactly where you are at that point of time, you got to enable the location sharing feature on the Viber app. All the messages that you are sending will then show the place form where you are sending the message. Just towards the right side of the compose field, you will see the grey button. It is in the form of an arrowhead. The arrowhead will turn into purple color once it is in use. It says the button is on or the location is on. You can see the purple color there to exist as long as the location is being shared with the receiver.

This is how to share location on Viber. This is being used extensively by the sales executives of preeminent companies today to show up their presence regardless of the places that they like to travel for getting business. As it is a free means to communicate, to the friends or the mentors of the company, there are so many employers who are keen to use it extensively to track down the real status of the staff at that juncture. For the same reason, there are so many employees who are against giving such transparent details to the mentors, too. Sharing location is fine enough but the precise localities are not uncovered.

share location on Viber

Professional needs

Yeah, you can share location on Viber only to a certain extent. Precision is not guaranteed. For example, if you are in California in the USA, then that shows up clearly on the screen to the person who is receiving the message. Yet, the person cannot see exactly on which part of California you are currently mailing from or where is your exact township located in the state of California. That means using the feature to share location on Viber. There are limitations for this in any messaging platform. It can be done to precision but that is not allowed for security reasons.

Such exact tracking facilities are limited to use only for the governmental bodies more than anyone else is. This is to protect the individual security and liberty. Technically, it is not a tough task for a pro engineer to track down the presence of any chatter online, using any messaging platform like Skype or Viber. Yet, as a free means of open source, that cannot be left open to public use, for security reasons. Besides, there are users who fool around with the locations on a large scale too. Using the Viber features of the advanced kind, it is not a tough task to deceive people about your locations, as well. Being in the USA, you can prove the place or origin to be somewhere else in the deep Africa too.

Anonymous texting

All the messages that you are going to pen to the receiving end, will have a pin icon showing the right or wrong location that you ought to set using the advanced features of Viber.

Most of the users of Viber do not know well on how to share location on Viber. It is because they don’t have the time to browse and see what is special about the messaging app. There are so many special features that make the iOS and Android Viber app beneficial to the use unlike Skype. Even though continuous improvisations are being done in both cases, there are timely updates and changes that keep coming in regularly from the android and iOS side, compared to the  Microsoft which has quite a lot in its platter to care already.

That is the reason why viber can be considered to be one step ahead of the Skype app, from the user’s point of view. Features are attractive and designed to perfection.

Geographical limitations

Sharing location is only up to the users. While sharing the notifications is not possible on Skype, there are different advanced features and possibilities in case of sharing location or notifications through Viber. Regardless of the demographics from where you are actually communicating to the users of Viber, there are certain features that are really strange to modify flexibly. These facts are hardly known to the regular users as they are unaware of the hidden possibilities to change the identity or status as well. Regardless of the actual domicile, it is possible to change and show the location from where you are communicating with the audience just like how you do in the case of MS Skype app.

There are people who use this type of special features for their business advantage. There are people who take these kinds of valuable features to their personal advantage too.

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