Pros And Cons Of Buying A Used Smartphone

The new smartphone models can be pretty expensive, and their price can often go over $500 and more. Even the

The new smartphone models can be pretty expensive, and their price can often go over $500 and more. Even the models that hit the markets a year ago still keep their high price. Have you ever considered to buy a used smartphone? And is that something you should do? If you are thinking about that option you should know all the pros and cons of buying a used smartphone. Take all the points below into consideration. It will certainly help you decide if that’s something to go for.

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Pros and cons of buying a used smartphone

You can find a ton of used smartphones online. In your local ads, or on eBay. The price can be pretty attractive, and affordability is one of the biggest advantages. We will talk about it more. But the price isn’t everything. Without further ado, let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a used phone.

pros and cons of buying a used smartphone


We are going to list the advantages first.


The price

When we are about to buy something, the price is one of the essential things. If you are planning to buy a used smartphone, you will definitely find it is a far more affordable option. I said at the beginning, even the phones that hit the market a year ago still come with a pretty high price. But that’s the case in stores where you’ll get a warranty as well. On the other hand, when someone already used the phone, the price goes down, and it goes down a lot. So, you can even buy one of the latest models at much lower price. If you decide to buy one of the older models, you will spend even less.


The choice

If you are not among those who are crazy about tech and the latest models of smartphones, you can get some older model. And, if that’s the case, the choice you have is huge. The carriers and retail stores usually offer only the latest phones that became available in the last few months or a year. But on eBay and other similar websites, you can find a wide range of phones, even the ones that were launched a few years ago. Of course, these phones are pretty cheap, so you may find a great deal.


Go green

If you are environmentally friendly, then buying a used phone is a way to go. Nowadays, one of the biggest issues when it comes to the environment is tech waste. Tons of phones (and not just phones) are thrown away every year, and the waste keeps getting bigger. It also becomes more dangerous to the environment. So, instead of buying a new phone, you can get a used one and keep at least one device away from becoming a waste.


Do you really need a brand new phone?

What are your smartphone needs? Do you use your phone only to talk, send messages, and use some apps now and then? If the answer is yes, then you probably don’t need a brand new phone. The used one will do the trick. People who are into tech use a phone not only for the mentioned purposes but to play games, finish some business tasks, and more. If you are not too into tech and your needs are, let’s say basic, a second-hand phone is a good idea. Plus, the companies launch new models every year, and often, the difference between the last year’s and this year’s model is not that significant.



Now that we know all the reasons why getting a used smartphone is a good idea, let’s see the cons.


There is no warranty

When you buy a new phone in the store or sign a contract with your carrier, you get the warranty (usually 2 years). So, if there is some issue with your device, it will be repaired at no cost. In some cases, you will get a replacement. If you buy a used device, there is no warranty. And, if the phone starts to misbehave, you’ll have to pay for the repair.


Scratches and the battery life

A used phone can be in a perfect condition. But, it also may come with scratches or some other damages. It all depends on the previous owner. So, if a scratch or two is not a big issue, go for it. One more thing is the battery life. Battery life decreases over time, so you should be aware of this. Even if the phone looks perfect, keep in mind that its battery may last only a few hours. So, you will have to charge it more often.


Should you trust the seller?

Buying used things, and buying online can be tricky. There are many untrustworthy sellers out there. Of course, there are many great sellers as well, that will list the flaws of the phone that are selling if there is some. But, be prepared the phone may not look as described, or it may not work as described. If we take eBay as the example, you can see the reviews about the seller. This can help you decide if that’s the person you want to buy something from. Always read the reviews, and stay away from those who seem shady.


We have listed the pros and cons of buying a used smartphone. This can help you get a bigger picture and decide if that’s something you should go for. Remember, the price is not everything, there are many other things to think about. We pointed all that out, so it is up to you. At the end of the day, you can stumble upon a great and trustworthy seller, and you can get a really good smartphone.