How To Watch And Record Live TV With Plex DVR

While there may be other cord-cutting services offering you plenty of features to enjoy your favorite channels

While there may be other cord-cutting services offering you plenty of features to enjoy your favorite channels and shows of your choice, nothing can beat Plex TV with its DVR feature which is one of its kind that allows you to watch and record TV shows. Here’s how to watch and record live TV with Plex DVR with just simple steps!

Before we move on to simple steps to help you set up your Plex TV DVR feature, there are some hardware and configuration that you will need to do.

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Stuff that you will need for your Plex live TV:

  1. Subscription to Plex
  2. Antenna
  3. TV Tuner
  4. A computer
  5. Smart TV, or smartphones i.e. Android devices or iOS devices

So now that you’ve got all the stuff that you need for running Plex TV, here’s how to start putting all the stuff together smoothly!

Digital Antennas and Tuners for your Plex live TV

If you’re already subscribed to Plex live TV, you most probably want to move to the next step of choosing antenna and tuners that are compatible with Plex TV. According to Plex, you can choose to go with any antenna of your choice. That’s even better!

For tuners, on the other hand, you can choose to go for HDHomerun tuner which is still a good option for Plex. However, Plex offers many options to choose from for the compatibility of your supported devices and tuners as well as antennas which you can find here.

Supported devices for your Plex live TV

Plex supports many devices that you may already be using. It runs on many devices such as android devices i.e. NVidia, iOS devices i.e. iPhone, iPad as well as Apple TV.

Setting up Plex live TV

Now that we have learned which things need to be done first. Let’s begin to set up your Plex for its smooth running. Now that you’ve got all the required gear, let’s put them together!

Grab your antenna and attach it to DVR Tuner, and then plug your tuner to the router. However, if this is still confusing for you, go through the instruction manual for understanding the instructions properly. It’s that simple!

Just some few steps and you’re all set to binge-watching your favorite shows.

  1. Download Plex

If you still don’t have the software for Plex, head over to Plex website and download it.

  1. Open Plex and sign in to your account

You will need an account if you want to access to its unlimited service. So make one!

  1. Click Settings (Located on the left side of your screen)

Now that you’re in settings, let’s get some work done. Click on the “Live TV & DVR” option and then again click on “Set up Plex DVR” It will run its process and if things go wrong, then try to repeat the process of re-plugging your tuner properly.

  1. Scan the channels

By now, Plex already has started to scan as many channels as possible that fall under your area or zip code provided by you. Confirm the channels that you like and move on to the next step.

That was pretty simple, right? Now you’re all ready to watch live TV with Plex.

Recording shows with Plex live TV

With its recording feature that won’t let you miss your favorite shows, Plex live TV with DVR knows how to keep you happy! Here’s how you can use Plex live TV DVR to record your favorite shows.

  1. Open Plex on your device
  2. Click on any show that you want to record and watch it later
  3. Finally, click Record.
  4. You can select and choose to record as many episodes as your heart content!
  5. Make sure to create a library so you can find all your recordings.
  6. You can click on advanced settings to change the settings of the resolution, removing commercials, and so on.

You can also choose to record the shows of your choice while you’re watching them or schedule your favorite shows for watching them later!

With so many features such as watching live TV and recording live TV shows, Plex live TV service is guaranteed to give you the experience of its own.