How To Turn Off Voice On Roku

Roku has a variety of interesting and useful features, and one of them is the Audio Guide. This accessibility

Roku has various interesting and useful features, one of which is the Audio Guide. It is an accessibility feature for users who need assistance navigating the menu. You can disable it from the Settings menu, but you can also do it using the remote. We are going to show you both methods below. Let’s see how to turn off the voice on Roku without further ado.

How to turn off voice on Roku from Settings

As we mentioned, you can turn off the voice on Roku in two ways, one being from Settings. Here is how you can do that:

  • Press the Home button on the remote control

  • Navigate to Settings and select it
  • Now click on Accessibility
  • Next, select Audio Guide
  • Finally, choose the option “Off.”

You can always enable the feature from Settings by following the same steps and choosing “On” as the final one.

How to turn off voice on Roku using the remote control

Another way to turn off the voice on Roku is by using the remote control. To do so, all you have to do is press the asterisk button on the remote quickly.

If you want to enable the feature at some point using the remote, do the same. Press the asterisk button four times in a row but do it quickly.

That’s it! You can follow one of these methods whenever you want to enable or disable voice on Roku.