How To Speed Up Your Mac

Is your Mac running too slow? There are several Mac performance issues users complain about. The Mac system

Is your Mac running too slow? There are several Mac performance issues users complain about. The Mac system can perform slowly at times due to various reasons. If your Mac is running slower than it should on a normal basis, then you must learn the ways on how to speed up your Mac. Therefore, we present some simple tips to speed up Mac and enhance its overall performance.

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Tips To Speed Up Your Mac

Clean Up Your Mac

One of the best ways to enhance the Mac performance is to clean the Mac system. You can do this by making use of Mac cleanup software. If you wish to know how to clean up your Mac, then you must stay away from the programs that say “optimize” your Mac to make it run faster and with efficiency. You can install effective Mac cleanup software known as the “cleaner Mac” that can get rid of all the junk on the small Mac hard drive of the Mac system and make it run faster with great efficiency.


Search for Resource-Hungry Processes

The Mac owners can make use of the Activity Monitor that functions the same as the Task Manager on Windows. The Activity Monitor can be used to view the running processes in the Mac system and thus search for the ones that have been utilizing too many resources. To launch the Activity Monitor, the users would need to press the Command+Space to open the Spotlight Search, then you can go to Activity Monitor and press enter.

Then the users would need to click the “% CPU” option to sort the usage of the CPU and then observe the running processes and applications that have been utilizing the maximum CPU. In various cases, there could be a single application or process that could be utilizing around 99 percent of the CPU. To quit a particular process or application by forcing it, the users would need to select a particular process or application and then click on the X button on the toolbar. The users can try to close the resource-hungry app or process.


Close Applications

The feature of the Mac OS X is to leave the applications running in the background. Even when you would click on the red “X” button that is present on the application window would not close the application, they would still remain running in the background. However, if this is making the Mac run slower, then you would need to close some of the applications that are running in the background.

For this, the users would need to look for the applications that are marked with a dot on the background, then right-click on the particular application and press Ctrl-click on the icons and then select Quit option to close the running application.


Terminate the Startup Programs

If your Mac is running too slow, then you must know the steps on how to speed up your Mac. One of the reasons for the slow Mac system could be the several startup programs. To manage the startup programs in a proper manner, the users can open the System Preferences Window. This can be achieved by clicking on the menu icon of Apple and then clicking on “System Preferences”. The users would need to click on the “users & groups” icon and then select the current user account to click on “login items”. There could be several startup programs that could launch themselves when the users start their Mac system. Therefore, the users can uncheck the applications or the startup programs that they would not want to launch when they switch on the Mac system.


Clean Up the Launch Agents

One of the best solutions to speed up Mac is by knowing how to clean up your Mac. Mac system has the best hidden feature that is known as the “CleanMyMac3” that can be used to launch agents to serve as a tiny helper application that would run in the background in a secret manner. Another feature offered by this application is that the software can run on its own without even the knowledge of the users. Therefore, if the users have several applications running that they do not remember to start, then they could be experiencing a Launch Agent issue. All that the users would need to do to speed up Mac is installing Mac cleanup software like CleanMyMac3 and then head to the Extensions to launch agents to clean up the Mac system.


Reduce Animations and Transparency

Animations and transparency can reduce the speed of the older version of the Mac systems. To speed up Mac, the users can try to reduce the transparency and the animations that are being used by them. To achieve the same, the users would need to open the System Preferences System. Then they would need to click on the “Accessibility” icon and check for the “Reduce transparency” option to reduce the transparencies in the Mac system. On the OS X Yosemite of the Mac system, this action can speed up Mac for the older versions. The users can also click on the “Dock” preferences icon and then select the “Scale effect” instead of the “Genie effect” that could help in reducing the window animation to some extent. This technique could also help to speed up Mac.


Lighten the Web Browser

If you have been facing issues with a slower Mac, then you must know how to speed up your Mac. The web browser in the Mac system can also pose the reason for the slow Mac performance. The performance of Google Chrome can be bad for the Mac system. The users can speed up Mac by minimizing the number of browser extensions used and then to use fewer tabs to save the memory and the CPU resources. The users can try the Safari browser that is included in the Mac OS X that has been known to perform better than Google Chrome, especially in terms of the utilization of the battery power.


Disable FileVault Disk Encryption

On Mac OX X Yosemite, the FileVault Disk Encryption is enabled. This feature is used to secure the files of the Mac system even when they are lost and thus prevents unauthorized access to them. The use of this feature also prevents other users from changing your passwords for the Mac system and signing in without your permission. This feature might serve greatly beneficial as far as the security and privacy of the users are concerned. However, this might serve as a problem by reducing the performance of the Mac system. To enhance the Mac performance and speed up Mac, the users can go to the System Preferences window and then under the “security & privacy” icon, the user would need to head to the “FileVault” option to turn off the encryption.


Conclusion: Have you been facing issues with slow Mac performance? You can learn how to speed up your Mac system with the help of these simple tips.

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