How To See Deleted Threads And Comments On Reddit

Reddit is an online platform where you are able to post and look for all kinds of things. You are able to ask

Reddit is an online platform where you are able to post and look for all kinds of things. You are able to ask questions, take a part in various different online discussions, and of course, have fun with your online buddies. If you are one of those people that have only recently started to use Reddit and do not really know how to use it yet…and you have seen some kind of posts that have been deleted, but your imagination is going wild and you want to know what has been deleted, well, do not worry, we are able to help you get some answers!

First of all, those comments and posts on Reddit have been deleted for a reason, and that is why there is no way that you can just see them. Well, …you can, but with the help of other third-party apps. We will be showing you some of them, how do they work, and how you can use them. Of course, while reading the deleted comments or threads you might run into content that is offensive, rude, or not appropriate for the web, so prepare yourself, that’s the reason why the comments have been deleted in the first place.

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The ReSavr app

ReSavr program is a program that can help you view those deleted comments under some thread or a post. And here is how.

ReSavr is able to save all of the comments that have been deleted, as long as they are longer than 1000 characters in total. If the comment is shorter, ReSavr may not be able to find it or uncover it for you.

You are able to just put your cursor over the comment that was deleted while using ReSavr of course, and you will be able to see that deleted comment’s content. It is really easy, and it does work!

The Wayback Machine app

This app is also a program that can help you see the deleted content. It takes screenshots of the site’s content and then caches them and they put it in their app so that everyone can see. How is this helpful you may ask? Well, you are able to bring back the time in the app, and look for the post or the comment right before it got deleted. But, you might have to put some effort while using this app, because there is a sea full of those kinds of screenshots in this app.

You are able to enter the URL of that Reddit post into the app and to look for the date before that post or comment was deleted. As we already mentioned, this is going to take some of your time, and you might have to put some effort into it.

The Ceddit app

We have left the best app for the last segment of our article. The Ceddit app is one of the quickest and the best ways to view previously deleted comments on Reddit. You are able to browse through Reddit right in their platform until you find the post that you were looking for. You will be able to see every comment, or post because they have been automatically backed up on Ceddit and therefore they are available to anyone. When you search for posts on Ceddit, the posts that have the deleted comments will be highlighted in red color.

There is also an alternative, easier way of doing this. You just simply have to remove and replace the letter R from Reddit and replace it with a letter C. You will get a site with all the Reddit posts.