How To Manage Google Meet Video Settings

Google Meet is a very useful tool; people use it to have meetings when all participants cannot meet in person.

Google Meet is a very useful tool; people use it to have meetings when all participants cannot meet in person. Another way to use Google Meet is when teachers have their lectures but cannot be in the same place as the students.

Google Meet has recently been proven to be a perfect tool since the whole world got caught in a pandemic, where social distance becomes necessary. Are you wondering how to manage Google Meet video settings? Are you having trouble with the video when using Google Meet? Well, here are some solutions.


How to start a Google Meet session?

To start a session on Google Meet, you should visit the official Google Meet website and hit the New meeting button to start a new meeting. If you are a participant just about to join a meeting, you will have to type in the code that the session administrator has given you.

You can join the meeting or start a new one from your smart device. Google Meet apps are available for download on the Google Play Store for Android and the Apple Store for iPhone. Before joining the session or creating a new one, you must log in with your Google Account. This is the complete procedure on how to start.

Now, when establishing a video conference, you should know that there can be up to one hundred participants in one session. Once you start the meeting, you can turn on the video so the participants can see you while you are talking.

Start the video meeting.

So, as you start the meeting, you will be able to see a video of you being recorded by your camera. In that window, you will notice two buttons in the central part, next to the lower edge, and the main menu marked with three dots in tow in the lower right corner of the screen.

Now, if you are experiencing any trouble with the camera, it will be written on the screen. So, one of the buttons is there to let you turn on or off the camera, and the other is for the microphone. When you turn on the camera, but the video doesn't work well, or you have trouble seeing videos from the other participants, you should open the main menu.

Video settings in the main menu

Click on the main menu on the screen. Now, look for the heading Settings. When you click there, a new window will pop up. You will notice four main options: an Audio option, a Video option, a General, and a Captions option. Click on the Video button and you will be led to a new window with options that let you manage the video on Google Meet.

When it opens, in the first row, you will see what camera is being used and its name. If you have more than one camera, you can switch it on using the one you want. Next to the camera, there is an info box that tells you if the camera is turned on or off.

Below are the options to manage the problem. You can resolve the send resolution, which is how others view you and if you want it to be high-quality, then you can set the options to reflect that. The other type of resolution you can manage is one you see from the other participants, and if you want to be high-quality, set at 720p.

But you should know that the quality of the image depends on many factors, such as how strong your device is, how stable your internet connection is, the level of the battery, and similar.