How To Log Out Of Slack

As you already know, Slack is a platform where you can communicate with your coworkers and other people. If

As you already know, Slack is a platform where you can communicate with your coworkers and other people. If you have been, perhaps, getting many messages and notifications a day from the Slack app, and you want to find your peace, you can log out of your account for a while. Or maybe you have lost your phone, and you no longer wish to be logged in to your account on that device. Then, this is the right article for you. This article will teach you how you can log out and log back in every time you want, and we will also show you a way to do it on your phone and your computer.

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Steps to logging out of your account on your PC or Mac device

  • Since you want to find out how you can log out of your account, we assume that you already have the app installed on your desktop. Open the app on your computer.
  • When the Slack app opens up on your screen, you will see the home page of your profile. Do you see the left sidebar with the channels that you are a member of? Well, right above that channel list, the name of your account is displayed with big white letters. Next, click on your team’s workspace name so you could open some new options and settings.
  • When you click on your name, an extensive drop-down menu should show up on the left side of your computer screen. You will be able to see many different options and settings, separated into sections with thin little lines. Now, we need you to scroll down until the end of that menu. And right above the last option on that menu is the one button that we were looking for. You guessed it right! It is the Sign out button. Also, the name of your team will be right next to that button. Click on it if you still want to proceed with your signing out process.
  • After you have clicked on that button, you will be taken to Slack’s login screen, and you will for sure know that you have successfully followed and done all of these steps. Remember that you can log in to your account whenever you want to, just by simply typing in your email and password in the selected blank fields.

Steps to logging out of your account on your Android and iPhone

  • We know that you have the app on your phone, so we ask you to open it for starters. (the app with the letter S for its logo)
  • When the app opens up, you will be able to see your home page. Look for the three dots button. It is usually located in the top right corner of your screen, but it can be in other places, depending on which version of the app you are using. Lightly tap on that three-dotted button so a few more options could appear on your screen.
  • Look for the Settings section. It should be in the last place in that small drop-down menu that just showed up on your device’s screen.
  • Scroll down now until you find the Sign out of your team account name button. This button should be the only button on that menu with red letters. When you do find it, press it.
  • The Slack app will ask you to confirm you are sure that you want to log out of your account. Confirm that by clicking on Yes, and you will be all done!