How To Install And Watch Sling TV On Firestick

We all want to have an established TV expression each time we are streaming remotely. It all gets better when

We all want an established TV expression each time we stream remotely. It all gets better when we install and watch Sling TV on Fire Stick. Though there are other alternatives to this, they include Roku, LG TV, Apple TV, Fire Stick 4k, and many more. But for now, we are going to focus on Firestick.

This Amazon $5 intelligent TV system allows us to get full HD 1080p video on a large TV screen. With this, you will have access to your sling interface, particularly your account, upgrade it and play shows just as it would on other devices.

Sling customers have Fire Stick on their list of preferred top 10 devices due to their Sling relay and setup ease. You don’t have to climb a dunghill to start using your Sling account on Fire Stick.

Firestick set up

If you want to use a sling, you must have this HD Amazon Stick ready. You must couple a small rectangular box with a cord and adapter and plug it into the HDMI port on the back of your television box. The USB-like cord should be fixed intermittently between the adapter and the Amazon box, having two ends; one should be connected to the adapter for power supply, while the other end goes to the side of the box. Then, connect the stick to the TV’s required port. The system is ready to be used on your TV when you do this.

To switch on your power source, press the “home” button and the “play” or “pause” button. The following things to do are language selection, internet connection, Amazon account registration/sign-in, and account confirmation.

Installing Sling

Go to the menu and search for Sling. Use your remote to select the words that make up the word “sling.”  A list of related options would appear, including Sling TV; select “Sling TV” – this doesn’t install your app but comes with a page with several apps and videos, including the Sling TV tile.

Click on the tile: this will take you to the Sling TV product description page, where you can click on the download icon to start installing. Once it's done, click on “open” to get into the Sling, where you will see two options displayed: “watch seven days free” first and “watch for free” second. Select the letter if you want to pay a dime or subscribe to any plan. However, you can choose the former to gain access if you already have an account.

Lastly, if you have chosen the free seven-day package, you must log in or sign up.

Note: If your Firestick remote is not walking... you can try Alexa; an intelligent personal assistant service integrated into Fire Stick to help with your search. You can find it on the other Amazon echo. She interprets voice instructions into action on the Fire Stick.

You can make a statement like,” Alexa, open sling” to open your Sling app.

Sling’s Interface on Fire Stick

The sling interface has a list of sub-menus on the open menu bar. You can see them below

My TV – helps you to create a list of your favorite shows for easy access

ON NOW – keeps in tune with what is happening at the moment

GUIDE – this gives you access to show timing

SPORTS – here, you have a view of various sports shows.

PS: If your sling is due for an update, you will see a sign to update it. Just click here to start updating.