How To Enable Sling TV Parental Controls

There is an unusual advance in the tech world. Everybody has the virtual system handy, and for this reason,

This is an unusual advance in the tech world. Everybody has the virtual system handy, and for this reason, you can’t just let your kids get exposed to its adverse effects. This is why tech companies have taken the need to consider parental controls.

Sling TV is one of the best video streaming services championing a reliable restrictive system. Parents can now leave their children to watch movies alone during watch time without fear of their kids being exposed to explicit content.

Putting a restriction on this video streaming service only takes a few steps. Also, for a better understanding, we will consider ROKU, android, and IOS users.

Before we continue, here are the necessary terms we need to take care of:

  • Rated: movies with some scenes removed
  • Unrated: a version rated with inappropriate content
  • R: This rating implies matured content which under 17 can see under the parental guide
  • NC-17: no one under 17 should see the content
  • TV-MA: means TV for a mature audience but not as worse as NC-17, similar to an R rating.
  • PG-13, TV: contents that are not suitable for children under 13
  • PG: inappropriate content for children under 13
  • TV-PG: contains content that could be found unnecessary by parents of children under 14
  • TV-Y7: suitable for ages seven and above
  • G, TV-Y: suitable for all ages, appropriate for all audiences.

The above will help you understand what boxes to tick.

Roku TV setup

Practically, you cannot get the sling service on your TV, but with ROKU, you can. It is an intermediary box that helps you connect your TV to the internet.

To set up parental control,

  • Click on the “Setting” option on the extreme right-hand side of the menu bar
  • Tap “parental controls” right under the “account” options.
  • On the right side of the open panel, there are two options: "enable” and “change pin,” with a list of closed parental control options. Click “enable” to generate a pin to help you activate your parental control and lock and unlock the content
  • When you do, your parental control option opens. You can tick the boxes behind each listing to set up your restrictions.


  • Unrated, not rated
  • R, NC-17, TV-MA
  • PG-13, TV
  • PG, TV-PG, TV-Y7
  • G, TV-G, TV-Y

An appropriate setup is to tick the first two boxes and the last, a purchase, to avoid kids buying new movies.

Android setup

  • Open the “menu guide” drop-down at the top left-hand side of the app screen
  • Scroll down on the vertical drop-down to open “setting,” which is the last on the menu list.
  • Tap “Parental control” under the list that appears
  • Now, on the page that appears, you will be required to create a pin to enable parental control
  • After that, you can choose the option to set up

IOS setup

  • Open the menu box on the top left-hand side of your screen
  • Tap “settings,” which is last on the menu listings
  • Find and open “Parental controls”
  • Create a pin by clicking enable
  • Toggle the buttons beside each listing to activate a specific parental control option.


You don’t need to repeat this on each device in your home. Once you set it up on a single device, it will activate on other connected devices. All you have to do is keep the “enable” button and your pin a secret.