How To Enable And Disable Direct Messaging On Twitter

If you’re reading this, you either need to stop someone from sending you a DM (short for "Direct Messages"),

If you’re reading this, you either need to stop someone from sending you a DM (short for "Direct Messages"), or you want to be able to receive DMs. Enabling direct messages could open you to kind and genial people while disabling them protects you from mean and devious ones.

Users on Twitter are handed control over the business in and around their DMs. This article will guide you on establishing the control you need to know who –  as they say – slides in your DM and who doesn’t.

Enabling DMs on Twitter

Twitter only allows a DM to get to a user’s inbox if the recipient follows the sender back. If that is not the case, the receiver gets a message request. The following could be reasons why you would like to enable any user to send you DMs:

  1. The user is not following you.
  2. You have blocked the user.

If the user is not following you, here are the steps to enable you to receive their DMs:

  1. For iOS, macOS, and Android users, tap on the profile photo icon. For users on Windows, use the more icon.
  2. From the display menu, choose Settings ’ Privacy.
  3. Tap the Privacy and safety button, then Direct Messages.
  4. Check the Receive message request box for users (macOS and Windows) box. For iOS and Android users, there is a slider button instead.

Now, whenever someone wants to message you and does not follow you, you will receive a message request. If you accept it, you will see their DMs. Further DMs between you and the sender (or senders if it is a group chat) will appear in your inbox without you being prompted to accept a message request.

If you have blocked the user, you just need to unblock them using the following steps:

  1. Tap on your profile photo icon.
  2. From the display menu, choose Settings ’ Privacy.
  3. Under Safety, tap on Blocked accounts. A list of the people you have blocked will be displayed if you have them. Pick the blocked account that you want to receive DMs.
  4. When their page displays, tap the red Blocked button and say yes to unblock it. They can now send you a DM. However, since you are not following them, their DM will come as a message request first.

Disabling DMs on Twitter

What are some reasons you want to stop someone from sending you DMs? It could be that the sender is just spamming your inbox or sending inappropriate messages. Maybe it could just be that you don’t want to be messaged at all. Whatever the reason, the best solution is to report or block them.

Blocking and reporting DMs is the same across all Twitter platforms. Here’s how you can block or report a non-good Twitter user:

  1. While in Messages, click on the inbox whose user you want to block or report.
  2. Click the blue info button on the top right of the inbox. The Conversation info menu will appear.
  3. In the Mute conversation below, there are two options – block and report.
  4. If you desire to block the user, click Block. Before you click Yes, you will be notified that the user will no longer be able to follow or message you.
  5. If you desire to report the user, Twitter will need you to help them understand the issue. You can tell them whether the content is spam, abusive or harmful by clicking on either of the available options.