How To Delete All Tweets At Once On Twitter

Twitter is a social media network and micro-blogging tool to exchange messages called ‘tweets’ and

Twitter is a social media network and micro-blogging tool to exchange messages called ‘tweets’ and share them on your account. First, they could be up to 280 characters long, and now their maximum is only 140.

You can also post pictures, gifs, and videos. Most people compare this app to Facebook because they have similar concepts and options. The most popular thing about Twitter is that its users can follow experts from different fields and get updated on their work. On this platform, you can be yourself and express your thoughts freely without conditions. Users can like, reply, and retweet your posts.

Why might you want to delete your tweets?

Twitter has been around for a while; 13 years is a long time. You might have some regrets regarding what you used to post, especially if you have had your Twitter account for a while now or since you were a teenager and if you used to share and tweet a lot.

But now you have decided to start anew by deleting these old tweets. This could be because you have decided to change the theme of your account, and you do not want to lose your follower count by creating a new one.

The steps to deleting all of your tweets at once:

To be honest, Twitter does not allow you to delete many tweets at once just by clicking on a button. You can only delete tweets manually and one at a time. This would be a great solution if the number of tweets you want to delete is not that extensive. However, to delete all your tweets at once, you should follow the following instructions.

  • First of all, you will have to request your Twitter archive. Open Twitter, and tap on your screen’s user icon in the top right corner.
  • Tap on “settings and privacy” and keep scrolling until you see a “request your archive” button. Now tap on that.
  • You will receive a notification from Twitter to notify you that this process might take some of your time. When Twitter processes your request, your archives will then be sent to the email associated with your account.

You can rely on another service or an app to do the job instead of you. These apps will help you delete a vast amount of your tweets or even all of them. “Tweet delete” will save you a bunch of time. At once, it can delete up to 3,200 of your latest tweets and save you the struggle of deleting tweets one by one. This is how you use the Tweet delete website:

  • Search for “tweet delete” in any of your browsers.
  • Then log in to your Twitter account to connect to it.
  • To delete all your tweets, tap on the “age of tweets to delete” and select “all-time.”
  • After checking the terms and conditions, tap on the box confirming that you have read them.
  • Finally, tap on “delete my tweets!”.

Reminder: deleting tweets is permanent.

Keep in mind that the retweets of the deleted tweet will also be removed, as will the replays and likes of your friends on the posts.