How To Create Playlist On Emby

If Emby is your preferred media server then you must be racking your brain wondering how to create a playlist.

If Emby is your preferred media server then you must be racking your brain wondering how to create a playlist. If it will be comforting, you are not alone in this. Too many people have been asking this question.

This is why we decided to explain a few ways.

Playlists are a great way for one to organize their music or movies. They save you from the inconvenience of having to select each song you want to listen to one at a time.

It’s possible and relatively straightforward creating a playlist on music streaming apps such as Apple’s Spotify or Deezer, but how can one create a playlist on Emby? Keep reading, the steps are listed below.

Steps to do it

To create a playlist on Emby, you’d need to have access to your account through the web app. The Emby web app enables you to easily organize and stream your personal library of music, videos, live TV and photos to a device of your choosing.

To create a playlist on the Emby web app one can follow the below simple steps.

  • Go to your music library in the web app
  • In your music library, right-click on the song, album, or any other media type you want to add to a playlist. This might even include your movies.
  • A list of several options will come up, on this list, select add playlist.

Voila, there you have a playlist of your favorite movies, songs, or media.

Collections are also quite simple to create. Here is how you can do that:

  • Decide on what you add to the collection. That is if it’s a song, movie, or videos that are present in your library.
  • Open your preferred items context menu by either of the following ways:
  • Right-click on the item’s poster
  • Make use of the three dots menu on the detail screen.
  • Use the mouse to hover above the poster to access the three dots menu.

Once you carry out the steps listed above, a context menu will appear. On this menu, select add to collection option. This will enable you either add to a new collection or create a new one.

Ensure you choose the proper collection name to avoid jumbling up the contents of your collection. You can easily remove an undesirable item from a given collection by clicking on the item’s 3-dot menu then opting for “Remove from collection”. Now you have all your desired content in one place for easier access whenever you feel like it.