How To Check The Model Of Dell Laptop

Back in 1984 in Texas, Dell computers were founded by Michael Dell, and it later grew to be a multinational

Back in 1984 in Texas, Dell computers were founded by Michael Dell, and it later grew to be a multinational company by developing, repairing, and selling computers. Its unique business model of building computers for its clients offered something personal and unique, making them stand out.

The company launched its first laptop in 1989 and hasn’t slowed down. Should you own one of these gadgets, there are a few reasons that would warrant you to know what model you have in your possession. It could be that you need to find out its features, you may need help from the company’s support team over the phone, or you could want to accessorize it.

There are a few ways to check on the model type of your Dell laptop.

Checking the laptop

The first way is to check the model type on the computer itself. There is usually a marker located on the bottom side of the laptop. And if it’s not on the bottom part, you can find it on the battery slot, the screen, or even on the keyboard.

Still, on this sticker, you will find the model number information. Note that this is not to be mistaken for the serial number.

Checking through Dell Support App

Using the Windows 10 operating system, log on to the Dell Support Assist application. The app should come inbuilt with your laptop. Start by clicking on the search slot on the left-side corner, then type in ‘Support Assist’ to open the application. If this doesn’t prompt the words, then it was never inbuilt with your laptop.

Your next move now should be to download the app. To do this, look for the SupportAssist for PCs and tablets site. Once you install the application, looking up your Dell laptop’s model should be as easy as launching the app – the model will be shown on the main page.

Windows 8 users:

If your Dell laptop uses Windows 8 operating system, start by dragging your mouse to the upper right side of the screen and selecting the ‘Search’ function, then type in SupportAssist. Once it prompts, click on it to open the application.

If this action doesn’t reveal the SupportAssist app, then it means that you have to download and install it on your laptop. To do this, log on to the Dell support page to get the app: SupportAssist for PCs and tablets. The model of your Dell laptop will display itself on the app’s main page.

Windows 7 users:

On your Dell laptop, start by clicking on the Start icon. Once it pops up, type in SupportAssist inside the search slot. If the application is already installed, the option of ‘SupportAssist’ will be visible under Programs – click on it.

The absence of this option will mean that the application is not installed in your Windows 7 operating system. Consider completing this challenge by visiting the Dell support page to download and install it. SupportAssist for PCs and tablets – if you follow this link, you can easily download the app. Once downloaded, open the app, and you’ll see your laptop model.

Checking through your Laptop’s BIOS

The acronym BIOS stands for “basic input” or “output system.” From the second you turn on your computer, this software goes on first to ensure that your laptop components or hardware are configured correctly before giving the all-clear for Windows OS to start. To access your BIOS, which contains information about your computer, you don’t need to go through Windows. You can find some of this information in your BIOS, particularly your laptop’s model.

Accessing the BIOS:

Start by switching on your laptop. The second you spot the Dell icon on your screen, tap the F2 key once with each second to get into the BIOS system. If Windows comes on anyway, then it means that you have to restart your laptop and attempt the process again.

Once you are successful and get to the BIOS setup, you’ll see the laptop model displayed under the title “System Name.”