How To Change The Sling TV Password

Have you ever been on the edge to protect your Sling account? Maybe, your cohort, wife, kids, or whosoever it

Have you ever been on the edge to protect your Sling account? Maybe, your cohort, wife, kids, or whosoever it may be that has access to your Sling login detail is messing with your internet TV: tweaking your settings and scheduling shows you don’t want them to, and finally, pushing you to desire a change of your Sling TV password which you never intended to switch.

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Sling’s provision

Whether you wish to have a new password or not, Sling has always wanted her users to have easy access to their shows, and at the same time made provisions for account privacy. This is why you get stocked out each time you forget your password or try a wrong password more than five times, and without hitch, you get a recovery code on your email, but that is if you ask one.

Also, inside your Sling account, there are options to change and update your profile. This includes your email and password. But if you can’t log in into your account, Sling has also made a room for a “do-it-yourself” process through their sign-in page so that customers wouldn’t have to go through the stress of calling the customer care unit at all times.

Resetting your password

I have signed up and created a password for different packages during a subscription process and the most common problem I experience is my inability to remember the password I signed up with. Each time I experience this all I do is to go for a password reset.

Resetting your password or changing your password leads you to the same goal: getting a new password! The difference is the processes, required detail, and why you need to have a new one. If you were not allowed to log in to your account, then going for a reset is a thing you must do.

To reset your password, visit the Sling website, add your email, and click “forgot password?” hyperlinked text right under the sign-up box. An email with a verification code will be sent to you successively.

Without closing the page, go to your email, copy, and paste code into the verification code box. Add your prospective password into the “new password” box and click “change password”.

An important thing to note when you want to do a password reset is your email. If you don’t have the right email to your account, you won’t receive your verification code. The best way to recover your email is to reach out to customer care (1-877-852-0777).

Changing your password

While discussing password reset, I made mention that the aim of resetting a password and creating a new one is the same, and that is true. But I didn’t tell you that the detail required is somewhat similar.

During a reset, all that is required is your email; a verification code and you wouldn’t have to go into your Sling account because you don’t even have the required password.

On the other hand, you need your Sling profile corresponding email and password to change to a new password while you are logged in.

Therefore, if you have your email and account particular to your Sling profile, and you want to change it to a new one for reasons best known to you. It is simple!

Sign-in into your Sling account using your login details, click change password on your account page. Type in your recent password and enter your intended password. This will recognize the “intended” password as a current password, but that is after you retype it for confirmation, and click “change password” to validate it.