How To Change The Language On Funimation

In this article, we are going to be showing you a way to change your language preferences in Funimation. See

In this article, we are going to be showing you a way to change your language preferences in Funimation.

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Funimation is a platform where you are able to stream all kinds of anime shows. This company and platform are based in the US, and you are able to see all kinds of anime shows from all around the world. This platform is basically available for any kind of device, and you are able to stream their content, the new and the old ones too. The platform is really popular among anime lovers, and a lot of people around the world use this platform on a daily basis. Of course, Funimation is not free, and you have to pay a small amount of many in order to get access to all of their exclusive content. A monthly fee for Funimation costs around 6 dollars a month, and the annual subscription fee is sixty dollars. This subscription amount is for a standard account. We have to mention that you are able to get the Premium Plus account on Funimation that gets you many different features. For example, with a premium plus account, you are going to get the ability to stream content on five different devices at once, you will be able to access the content even when you are offline. A Premium Plus account also gets you many different advantages. The cost of the Premium Plus account is around 8 bucks a month, which makes it 80 bucks a year, and the price is not that higher than the subscription for a regular account. There is even a Premium Plus Ultra type of account on Funimation, which provides you access for even more features, but it is a lot more expensive than the other two types of accounts.

Steps to changing language preferences in Funimation

There is a way to change your preferred language in the Funimation app. You can actually do this in your browser or in the app, the steps for both are pretty much the same. So, without further ado, let’s start with the steps:

  • You will first need to open up the Funimation app on your device. You can also open up Funimation in your browser. Google Chrome browser is preferred, but you have the ability to use any kind of browser that you might have.
  • The next thing that you need to do is to log into your Funimation account.
  • After you have logged into your account, and the Home page of the app has shown up on your screen, you will need to click on the My Account option in order to open up your account and expand some options.
  • And, after your account has been opened in the new page, you will need to find the Preferences tab and open that too in order to expand preferences and settings of the app.
  • Now, find the Video settings and click on them in order to change the video settings of your app.
  • In that Video settings tab, the first option that is displayed there should be the preferred language settings. You have the ability to change your video language to English or to Japanese. Choose whichever option suits you the most.
  • After you have finished with changing the language settings, make sure to save the changes by clicking on the Save button, if you do not save them, you will probably have to do all of these steps all over again.

And that is it, you have successfully changed the language settings in your Funimation app.