How To Cancel CBS All Access Subscription

It would be no surprise if a user wishes to cancel his CBS All Access subscription, being that competitors are

It would be no surprise if a user wishes to cancel his CBS All Access subscription, being that competitors are either adding more channels to be streamed or selling a better plan. Notwithstanding, this streaming service provider just like any other internet channel has its loyal customers who would stick with them through the thick and thin. They are lifetime customer that would return to the network regardless of how many times they unsubscribe.

Furthermore, one might want to cancel a subscription on a particular device to switch to another device. For instance, a Roku user that wishes to unsubscribe to CBS All Access which he signed up for on Roku is restricted. He has to go to the Roku channel store or to unsubscribe.

In all these, each time you cancel a subscription, your viewing power is not restricted until the monthly circle ends.

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Canceling your Subscription on a browser

Visit, and enter your account’s email and password to log in. On the upper right-hand corner, click your initials to see a drop-down listed account, help and sign out; Click “account” to move into the account page.

On the right-hand side of the account page, hover to the last option on the listing to click “cancel subscription”.

CBS would offer to give you a free month subscription. It comes as a pop-up page. This is their way of securing customers from canceling their plans. Perhaps if one is not sure of the decision he wants to make, they could use the “free one month” offer as bait to keep the person from leaving.

If you are interested in the offer you can click the “redeem now” blue button to accept, but if not, you can choose the “not now” option to continue with your canceling process.

The following page is the terms and condition page: check the terms and conditions box and click the hyperlinked “Yes, cancel subscription” text.

CBS being inquisitive to know why you wish to cancel your subscription would pop up a survey page asking you to share with them why you wish to leave. Make checks of any listed option that best attributes or suits your reasons. Then, click the “cancel subscription” button below the survey to finish. You will get an email confirming the cancellation.

Canceling your subscription on Roku

Canceling your subscription on Roku TV would only be possible if you had initially subscribed through the TV device. If you didn’t then you have to go through their website.

On the other hand, Roku users who subscribed through the channel store are not allowed to unsubscribe through any other means. Your only access to canceling your subscription is through a Roku device or the Roku website.

To start your canceling process, hold the home button to open the home screen. Using your arrow button, navigate to CBS Channel on the channel store. You can also browse to find channels.

Once you find it, click select, and press the OK button to view your list of options. Select manage Subscription option, tap “cancel subscription”. This will show you how long you have left on your current subscription.

Finally, click the verification “cancel subscription” button, and “done” to finish.

There is also room for you to cancel your Roku subscription through your online account. Start by sign-in into your CBS All Access account on Click on the “manage subscription” button to gain access to a subscription page. On this page, any streaming channel subscribed through the Roku channel store will be listed with their prices and subscription status, including your CBS All Access subscription.

To cancel your CBS streaming subscription, click the unsubscribe button.