How To Add Users To Google Home

Nothing can be more relaxing than a soothing selection of pre-customized music saved to a convenient playlist.

Nothing can be more relaxing than a soothing selection of pre-customized music saved to a convenient playlist. Having this serene bliss interrupted due to multi-user systems is a no-no. As much as Google assist can be helpful, a setup that is not well thought out can prove to be a nightmare.

Thankfully, this can be easily dealt with by adding separate and customized multiple users to Google home, ensuring uninterrupted use for every individual without treading on anybody's nerves.

Google Home's initial design was more individual-oriented, disregarding that people could use it on shared devices. A recent upgrade on the system has thankfully considered this fact and has made it versatile enough to cater to additional users using voice recognition technology which can detect up to 6 different users. Other users must be added to Google Home before enjoying their customized experience.

Adding pre-requisites

  • Any additional user must use their particular device to enable the system to record its details for easier recognition. The multi-user system supports both iOS and Android software.
  • When adding the service, both the assistant and the user must be connected to the same local network for more efficient communications.

Adding Procedure

  • Navigate to the Home App on your device and log in with your unique Google account
  • Select Google Home from the available services
  • Choose the "link" option available on the selection or other devices; it will appear as a "multi-user" option.
  • This will automatically prompt a voice setup procedure that will ask you to repeat a very simple phrase to the receiver.
  • This voice sample will be uploaded to an identification network, enabling recognition across all connected devices.

Once voice recognition has been set up, Google Home will need additional personalization information, such as music preferences across free and premium streaming services like YouTube and Spotify. Simply take the following few steps to connect your preferred account for streaming:

  • Navigate to the Google Home settings, which will reveal a menu full of settings options
  • Select "Account Preferences" and find the music preference settings, which are usually at the lower end
  • A set of options will appear and from this, just select the preferred streaming source or service
  • This will prompt a sign-in and bring up a tab; enter your service details, and you're good to go!

To prevent short-term users or visitors from using a personalized account but at the same time allow them to enjoy Google Home services, complete the following easy steps:

  • Open the device list and select Guest Mode, which can be found in the Options section of Google Home. This can be turned on or off at any time.
  • Connect the guest device on the same Wi-Fi network and select the 'near device' option, which will prompt a pairing process.
  • Once done, Google Home will use that particular user's info when responding to voice commands.

Once all is set up, the owner (who remains the sole controller and Google Home) can see all connected devices and manipulate them as he/she wishes. Connected devices can perform simple operations like controlling lighting, volume, thermostat settings, etc.