Many of us have always felt embarrassed while watching those heated scenes from movies while sitting with our

Many of us have always felt embarrassed while watching those heated scenes from movies while sitting with our parents, especially those that seem to go on for a long time. However, the scenario has changed today as premium cable television subscriptions are available via streaming.

Now, everyone can watch their favorite movies and shows from their mobile phone and laptops without mingling with each other. Whether to maintain the balance of competition consciously or to maintain the corporate entity, the entry of HBO Go in 2010 took the viewers by storm.

However, with more and more people trying to cut the cord every year to choose streamlined services and less expensive options, HBO's second streaming option, HBO Now, facilitates them to watch the same movies and television shows and enjoy the experience of solo watching without having to pay the entire amount of cable subscription.

When both streaming services have similar content, you may ask which is better. Although the options appear pretty identical on the surface, there are some critical differences between them you must know before choosing the right streaming service. With two different ways of steaming the desired content from the library of HBO, viewers may wonder what the differences are before selecting an option. Fortunately, there are more similarities between them you may not know. The following points may clarify your doubts quickly.

The content of the services

Whether you choose HBO Now or HBO Go, every television series, comedy show, and the films available in both services are similar. Moreover, the content is available at the same time, and the interfaces of the apps are a lot more similar, making it easy for the viewers to navigate through the content they are keen to watch.

You can figure out the content as there are sections that display the new releases along with the featured content. Both provide access to everything HBO has to offer, from the live broadcasts to the back catalog of the movies you are yet to watch and the recent hits.


Checking the pricing

With a flat rate of $15 per month, HBO Now offers a single package, implying that you would not need a cable subscription for the viewership. On the other hand, HBO Go is free with a subscription, but it is the only way for viewers to access it. You must have HBO through a cable subscription to enjoy watching HBO Go.

However, few providers offer access to HBO to those customers with an internet connection so that the viewers can enjoy watching the content online. Even then, most users still watch HBO Go through a cable subscription, and the monthly rate can vary according to the plan and package they avail. Often, special offers allow the customers to reduce the price of the package. The HBO subscription can drop down to about $5 every month, although you have to pay more for the package than what you are paying for the cable.

HBO NOW package offer

Availability and the devices

Although HBO Now was not widely available when it was launched in 2015, another option, HBO Go, could be accessed through a robust list of devices. HBO Now was only available on devices such as iPhones, Apple TVs, and iPads. Since the expiry of the deal in the middle of 2015, the company has added this service to several devices. It is not the device that creates the difference in compatibility but the version that determines the change.

HBO Now Apple TV

Limitations of the services

There are a few differences as both services can be accessed through many devices. In this order, HBO Go is a little complicated as you have to ensure the authenticity of the service through a cable service provider. Although it appears a bit daunting, initially, there is no restriction on the number of devices you need to use to view the programs.

With HBO Now, you get unlimited access to the device without a cable subscription. All you have to do is sign in with HBO's credentials and get ready to stream the content you love to watch. Service providers will restrict the number of videos that viewers access simultaneously, primarily for security reasons. A message might pop up on the screen when you access the same video through different devices forcing you to sign out.

Choosing another option

There is another option for viewers willing to watch the content available on HBO Now and HBO Go if they don't want to spend on the subscription. To watch HBO-produced options, you can choose other streaming services, and prime subscribers can access content even though it may not be in the same volume as you can get on HBO Now and HBO Go.

HBO Now restriction

Making the final choice

When choosing between HBO Go and HBO Now, you must consider the services, weigh the pros and cons, and decide on the right fit. While HBO Go is the choice if you want to retain your cable subscription, you must remember that you have access to HBO Go when you are already paying for a satellite television subscription.

HBO Go is undoubtedly the more logical option if you have a cable television subscription without HBO, as you get a broader base of devices to support viewership. However, you may not get a low-priced package at $15 if you have cable without HBO.

On the other hand, if you are planning to cut the cord in the future or want to part ways with your cable subscriber, HBO Now is undoubtedly the better of the two. If you are using the internet and the provider sells HBO to those with an internet connection, HBO Now is the only option you have to enjoy viewing all the content.

As the devices supporting the availability of HBO Now have caught up with its counterpart, the differences between the two are purely based on the decision the viewers make. If you are one to watch a wide variety of films, HBO is certainly the place to be. With a few differences between the services of HBO Go and HBO Now, you have to decide which subscription to choose to enjoy watching the best shows and films through an array of devices.