How To Convert PDF To EPUB?

The eBook industry largely uses EPUB as the standard format. This is where many new eBook readers found themselves

The eBook industry largely uses EPUB as the standard format. This is where many new eBook readers found themselves stuck because they are unable to access some of their books because of a different format. While I feel that PDF is undoubtedly simple and has made reading very easy, EPUB seems to have taken the limelight and it is great for eBook readers too. There are quite a few software programs available which can help you. Some of the most popular tools are Calibre, ePUBator, and We have steps for converting PDFs to EPUB format for these three tools.

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PDF To EPUB Converters And The Required Steps To Follow

Cross Platform Tool Calibre

Calibre is a cross-platform tool which can be used on Windows, MacOS, and Linux devices. It is easy to use and works well with different devices. To begin with, you must download the program and install it to your device.

  • Once Calibre is installed, start the program and you will be asked to select the default device. While you can give clear details regarding your device, usually just the default manufacturer names will help Calibre look for the conversion options available on your device.
  • After setting the default device type, simply drag and drop the eBooks that you want to convert. You will notice that the top of the screen has details like input information and output information. Make sure PDF is selected for input and EPUB is selected for output.
  • An icon on the top toolbar will allow you to edit metadata information as well. If you would like to edit this information then click on the icon and edit the information.
  • Once you are ready to convert the book to EPUB format, click on Convert eBook on the top toolbar and click on OK to complete the conversion.

Now that the conversion is completed, you can move your newly converted eBook to your device and enjoy reading it. If you want to find out where the new eBook is located, then right click on the newly converted eBook and click on Open Containing Folder. This will take you to the folder where your eBook is located. iPad users who would like to move the book to their device should drag and drop the eBook to iTunes. Then you must plug in your device and make sure you have iBooks on it. Drag and drop the book from iTunes to your iPad and when you launch iBooks the next time you will notice that your newly converted eBook is waiting for you to read it.


Web-Based Converters

If you are looking for an online eBook converter then is a reliable converter. Follow this link: and convert your books for easy reading. The website is very user-friendly and it makes it easy for users to convert the book to EPUB format. The website is good for converting PDFs to EPUB if you do not have to do a lot of conversions. If you are going to convert a lot of books then Calibre is more favorable.

  • Open the website
  • Click on browse to select the book that you want to convert.
  • Make sure the input format is PDF and the output format is EPUB.
  • Click on convert and the conversion will begin.
  • Once the conversion is complete, the newly converted book will be available in the designated folder for you to read it.

This is another web-based converter where you can convert the files online. Go to and follow the instructions on the website to convert the PDF document to ePUB. You will be able to convert up to 20 documents at one time. With clear instructions mentioned on the website, it is easy to complete the conversion and begin reading the newly converted files.


Android Apps


Android users who want to quickly and easily convert a document from PDF to ePUB will find ePUBator to be a good app. It is a handy app that does not require you to connect your phone or device to a computer and then transfer the converted files. This makes it easy for users who like to access books while they are on the go.

  • Download and install the app from the Play Store
  • Once the installation is complete, launch the app and tap on Convert PDF
  • The app will ask you to access the folder in which the file is stored. Locate the folder and tap on the file that you want to convert.
  • The app will start converting the file and once the conversion is complete, it will ask you to Verify if the conversion was successful.
  • Tap on Verify to confirm.

The converted files are located in the same folder as the PDF files. If you happen to change your mind about the conversion while the conversion is in the process then you can stop the conversion whenever you want.


Another useful Android app which can make PDF to ePUB conversion easy for users is PDFPocket. It is a user-friendly app which makes conversions quick and smooth for users. Once installed from the Play Store, you simply need to access the files that you want to convert from the app and begin the conversion.


These are three of the most common ways in which you can convert PDFs to ePUB. There are other software programs which work almost on the same lines when it comes to conversion. So if you happen to be using a different tool, most of the conversion steps may match. Keeping in mind that Calibre is considered to be one of the most useful apps for conversion from PDF to ePUB you may find it to be useful for yourself as well.

Android users have apps available in the store which can be used for converting the files. Avid eBook readers will often come up with file conversion. For this, a good app like ePUBator can be very handy. All of these apps and tools that I have mentioned are free so you would not have to pay for using them.

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