What To Consider When Buying A Laptop For College

A laptop for college is an investment that needs some careful thinking. Your laptop will be the one device you

A laptop for college is an investment that needs some careful thinking. Your laptop will be the one device you use very often during your college days. All your notes and important files reside safely in this device, and it will be one of your best modes of entertainment, too, on the days you feel like it. This is why we have created this college laptop buying guide so that you can select a laptop that will work best for you.

What Are Your Requirements?

Depending on the studies that you are pursuing, you will have different requirements. Your laptop must meet your needs. Engineering students will need a laptop that is capable of handling software programs that they will use. Most engineering students require something with good performance and lots of space for extensive software programs they may need to install on their computers.

Media students are usually inclined towards laptops that provide good graphics and great audio. Performance is one factor that remains constant for all college students. But when we talk about heavily built audio and video editing programs, we need some excellent specs.

Accounting students have some leverage when it comes to specs. Accounting software programs are comparatively lighter, and many come with cloud storage.

While these are just an example of your requirements, you must take the time to understand other factors that will help you decide.



With cloud storage becoming increasingly common, you may consider the kind of storage you are comfortable with. Are you constantly connected to the internet, so you don’t worry about accessing files stored in the cloud? Or do you prefer storing the files locally so you can use them whenever possible without worrying about the internet connection?

Another factor in storage is the newer and swifter SSD storage. If you need a high-performance laptop that can open files quickly, you may want to buy a laptop with SSD storage. HDD storage is the most common type of storage used.



Your laptop’s performance should never be compromised. No matter what studies you pursue, you will always need a laptop that performs well. From taking notes during a lecture to creating projects with the help of your laptop, college students always need something that works smoothly so they can do their work with the least hassle. The processor and the RAM will play an essential role in deciding the performance of your laptop, so choose wisely.



What kind of screen size would be comfortable for you? Are you looking for a laptop that can be detached and converted into a tablet, or do you prefer something that is more traditional and stays intact? Buying a laptop for college means that you need a device that you can carry to your college and take it around when studying together with friends.

Portability is no longer a challenge for manufacturers who offer ultra-thin and light laptops. You must pick the correct screen size for your laptop so you can work comfortably on it. Those who prefer detachable laptops will find two-in-one laptops to be great too.



Price is an important factor. Since your investment in a laptop will take you through your college years, look for something that is moderately priced if you cannot afford something costly. A college laptop doubles up as a device for entertainment after college too. Since you will be using it a lot, you need a device that can last long enough.

If you pick something very cheap, there is a chance that it may not last too long. The specs may be too weak, and the laptop’s body won’t be very resilient either. The market is brimming with laptops of all sizes and prices so you will find many options, but remember not to go too low with the specs and performance to save some money.



Regarding the platform, you do not have to worry about an overwhelmingly huge number of options. Still, consideration is critical because you will work on that platform throughout college.

Windows is the most common platform, and most online software programs are built to work on Windows. Windows 10 has some remarkable features and an easy interface too.

Mac OS is great, but you must carefully check whether the software programs you will use are available on it. If you have always been a Mac user and are more comfortable with a Mac, this is a great choice, provided you won’t be limited when using software programs.

Chrome OS is light and is easy on your wallet too, but a Chromebook may not be able to warrant the performance of a Windows or a Mac laptop.



You will be spending a lot of time on your laptop. You must gain a level of comfort when it comes to using its keyboard and trackpad. The ergonomics of your laptop will decide whether you will be able to work on it for long periods. Check the type of keyboard the laptop has. Look for the spacing of the keys, and see if you can use them and if you are comfortable with them.

The same rule applies to the trackpad. Use it to check how sensitive it is. Are you able to respond appropriately? Is it adequately sized for your laptop? Are you comfortable working on the laptop with the keyboard and the trackpad it has? All good specs will begin to look too pale if the keyboard and trackpad do not measure up.


Battery Life

Review reviews of the laptop you are planning to buy to find out how long the battery lasts. Your laptop’s battery life will depend on many factors, but it should last at least 6 hours. It is even better if it lasts for 8 hours. This will ensure you can use your laptop for college without worrying about plugging in the charger.



While we don’t generally mean to single out specific brands here, it is always good to invest in a laptop brand that will provide you with good support and one which promises durability. Ensure you check for the manufacturer’s warranty and look online for the brand’s level of support.

If your laptop is not working correctly, you will want it fixed as quickly as possible since you rely on it for college notes. Lighter laptops are great for portability but may not be as durable. Remember to invest in a durable laptop where the brand will support you in case of technical failures.



With the help of this college laptop buying guide, you will be able to understand the things you must keep in mind before you invest in a laptop. Take the time to figure out your requirements, and remember to pick a laptop that will be reliable enough to last you through your college.