AnyDesk Vs TeamViewer

In this article, we will compare two remote-control software applications. We will give you more info on the

In this article, we will compare two remote-control software applications. We will give you more info on the apps’ preferences and differences. So, stay tuned and keep reading to find out more things about these applications.


First, what are AnyDesk and TeamViewer, and how do they work?

Both apps are remote control software that connects your desktop computer to any other device you own. In other words, you can access your desktop computer on your phone or any other device using these two software applications.

But how do these applications work? AnyDesk is software that you must install on your computer and phone. It is available for many operating systems, such as Android, IOS, Windows, and Linux.

You can download the software on your devices and connect them via the ID you get once you install the software on your computer. To get the ID on your computer, you will need to enter it into your AnyDesk phone app to start the sharing and viewing process. You can use your computer on your phone to type, view, make new files, etc.

On the other hand, TeamViewer is also a remote control software, but it is a bit different than AnyDesk. You can also use it even if you are far away from your desktop and even if you are not connected to the same network as your computer. But the difference is that TeamViewer uses its servers for the connection and the traffic between you and your computer. You must also have TeamViewer installed on both of your devices.

The compatibility and availability of these applications

These software apps are available on many different operating systems and devices. TeamViewer is available on Windows 10, 8, 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP too. It is also available on Mac, Android, IOS, Linux, and BlackBerry devices. While on the other hand, AnyDesk supports Windows 10, 8, and 7 and only supports IOS and Linux devices. And therefore, AnyDesk has a smaller audience range but is easier to use.


If you want to use these software apps for personal and individual use, you can get free accounts with limitations. But, if you are working for a company, or you are, perhaps, the owner of some company, and you want to use this software for commercial use in your company, you have to pay a monthly subscription.

A monthly subscription to TeamViewer costs around 50 dollars a month and 588 dollars a year. The price is not that high if you see the whole picture and all the features you get when you get the premium business TeamViewer account.

AnyDesk pricing is a bit different and a lot cheaper. Their monthly subscription fee for companies is 11 dollars a month. With that price, you can record your sessions, share files, and also transfer sessions. You can also get a free trial with AnyDesk, and cancel your subscription anytime you want to if you do not like the app.

In conclusion

Both of these software apps are useful and practical. TeamViewer is available on more devices and operating systems, which is a huge plus since many people can use it. On the other hand, AnyDesk is much cheaper. But both of these apps are great in their own ways; we will let you choose which one you like better.