Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sony Xperia SP

The Sony Xperia SP is a mid-range Smartphone from Sony mobile, and it came to the market in March/2013. The

The Sony Xperia SP is a mid-range Smartphone from Sony mobile, and it came to the market in March/2013. The phone runs on the Android operating system, and it is powered by 1.5 GHz dual-core processor. It comes with 1GB RAM, 4.6-inch display, 8-megapixel camera, and other lucrative features. However, this smartphone has some disadvantages as well. Here we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Sony Xperia SP.

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Advantages Of The Sony Xperia SP

The unique solid design of this phone made it more stylish and elegant, and that is why most of the people are switching to Sony Xperia SP. The Android phone comes with a seamless look and feels that melt into one hand. In this phone, you will get to see the true innovation in design. The color changing the belt and illuminating makes the phone extra personnel. When you are listening to music, the illumination will pulse to the beat, becoming more intense as you crank up the volume. Sony Xperia SP is available in white, red, and black colors, which complement the metal structure of the phone. The weight and shape are perfect and balanced to operate this phone.

Sony Xperia SP gives you the highest level of screen resolution. The display screen is 4.6 inch, which provides a sharp picture and superior brightness. The wide color range gives you the chance of the widest color spectrum, so you can see every detail of your picture in dramatic and stunning color. This phone includes many display features such as color management, noise reduction, sharpness filter, etc. for the better viewing experience. With this phone, you will get a camera of 8-megapixel that allows you to take highly detailed snaps with low noise even in challenging lighting condition. Capture pictures in the night also with clear face color.

You can upload your picture from Sony Xperia SP camera to PlayMemories online. Then view your photo on other devices such as a computer, tablet, Bravia TV, etc. Share your favorite songs, images, videos, audios with your friends using Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connection. In a single tap, connect with other devices, no need for cables or wires.

Xperia SP


Normally, Smartphone requires a lot of power even when you are not using them because the apps on your Smartphone might be running continuously in the background and drain the battery power. Sony Xperia SP introduced battery STAMINA mode that saves the battery power. When you are not using the phone, it recognizes automatically and turns off the functions you do not need, but keeps the notification on. When you press the power button, the screen gets up and all the programs start to run again.

Disadvantages of Sony Xperia SP

But Sony Xperia SP has some drawbacks like the first disadvantage is the shape of the phone. The phone is not slim, so sometimes it becomes problematic to operate it. Other things are it has mediocre viewing angles and no user replaceable battery that made the demand of this phone little less among the tech-savvy people.